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The acoustic tools you need to explore the world, underwater.

From marine mammal monitoring to signal detection, passive acoustic monitoring to data analysis, we have developed a comprehensive toolkit of experience, expertise, cutting-edge technology and intelligent software.

We provide global and customised solutions to enable our clients to comprehend the underwater soundscape and the animals that inhabit it.

Leadership Team

We have experience gathering and analysing data in some of the world’s most complex underwater environments.

We have developed cutting edge proprietary software to overcome challenges. We work closely with our clients to provide bespoke solutions that are customised to the unique challenges of each project.

Our team has been brought together to give clients access to the skills they need to complement their own expertise. From acoustic equipment experts to software engineers and everything in between, we have the expertise to make your project a success.

Dr Matt Pine


Principal Scientist of Underwater Acoustics at Styles Group

Dr Matt Pine (Ph.D (Marine Science), MASNZ) leads the Underwater Acoustics division of Styles Group. Matt is recognised as a global leader in underwater acoustics, marine mammal monitoring, detections and modelling.


Director and Principal Consultant at Styles Group

Jon Styes founded Styles Group in 2005 and has provided leading-edge environmental acoustics advice for over 20 years. Jon is driven by a passion for securing good outcomes based on robust advice.

Our Services

We’ve developed a range of services to connect clients with the information they need. Our equipment, skills, and experience provide clients with support, expertise and advice in underwater acoustics, wherever they are in the world.

Marine Mammal Monitoring


Underwater acoustics can be used to identify the presence and explore the behaviour of wildlife underwater. Gather and analyse detailed, robust data. The duration and complexity of Marine Mammal Monitoring can be tailored to any objectives and budget.

Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM)


Gather accurate, detailed data from any underwater location in the world. Monitoring solutions are customised to client needs by our science team.

Underwater Noise


Build reliable, scientific underwater noise models from any source signal. Incorporate real-world data to inform mitigation recommendations for reducing acoustic disturbances on marine life.

Automated Signal Detection


Automatically detect and classify acoustic signals to monitor or track marine mammals, fish or vessels.

Data Analysis


Use our data analysis service for processing high volumes of any acoustic data easier so you can focus on your science.


Require resource consent? Talk to our Consultant team to identify and monitor underwater wildlife, assess the impact of the noise your project will make; and help you to protect marine life.

Case Study

Channel deepening and cruise berth project in Lyttelton Harbour.
Client: Lyttelton Port Company

Researching Hector’s Dolphins in Lyttelton Harbour

Researching Hector’s Dolphins in Lyttelton Harbour

Lyttelton Harbour in New Zealand is a special marine environment within the Banks Peninsula Marine Mammal Sanctuary and provides habitat for the endangered Hector’s Dolphin.

To keep up with growing demand, The Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) needed to deepen the approach channel for large vessels and construct a new cruise berth terminal. They needed Underwater Acoustic expertise to help them proceed without negatively impacting the marine environment.